The 可持续性 Manager hosting a tour of the wind turbine


给 back to the local community through the savings from our wind turbine


The 社区福利基金 awards local communities across the BOB官方网站 District with grant funding for community-based and environmental projects.

The fund originated with the installation of the University's wind turbine in 2012. The wind turbine produces around 15% of the overall energy demand on campus each year and the 社区福利基金 uses some of that benefit to engage with the local community and promote sustainable projects.

每年, 该基金最多拨款20英镑,000 to BOB官方网站 District-based not-for-profit organisations, 慈善机构, 信托基金, community groups or voluntary organisations to support sustainable projects, 大大小小的. The funding really makes a difference to the local area, whether that's through funding new charging points for electric vehicles or contributing towards refurbishment projects to improve energy efficiency, the projects we fund vary in complexity and value.


每年 great projects receive funding to help improve lives and the environment within the local community. Here's a look at some of the success stories over the years.